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"The Outlaw" Craig Harris

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Outlaw_Craig Harris:
Name:Craig Harris
Height:5 foot 8 inches
Trained by:Tommy Dreamer,Team 3D
Attire:Dark Brown Fade Haircut,Dark Brown Goat,Black Stone wash Jeans,"Straight Up Homicidal" T shirt and Diamond Studded Dog Tag,Brown steel toed boots
Nicknames:The Outlaw,The Messiah of Pure Violence
Ring Entrance:http://youtu.be/y-vvDlFj9K8 hits as lights dim as a red laser light show starts as Craig Harris comes out as a spotlight shines down on him as he drops the cigarette and walks down the ramp as he stops at the end of the ramp as he puts his hands into a praying stance as he says a 5 second prayer as he looks up and takes his shirt off as he pumps up and runs and slides into the ring as he runs back and forth from ropes to ropes as he stops and smiles at the camera as he turns his attention to the entrance ramp

Title History:
NWA Pure Violence Champion-5 times
NWA World Heavyweight Champion-1 time
NWA Tag Team Champion-4 times
TWA Pure Wrestling Champion-1 time
BWE Legends Champion-1 time
BWE Hardcore Champion-1 time
NWA Rampage General Manager
NWA Hall of Fame 2010

Moveset style
Targets for the arms and head area

Forearm to the forehead as the other guy turns the otherway,Craig forces them back to him and hits the Side 2 Side or puts them in the Murder Thy Wrote

Hit Danger (Zig Zag)

Side 2 Side http://youtu.be/WAqy8jGR4Xw
Murder Thy Wrote http://youtu.be/g_B1ngH89hY
Rolling Rock http://youtu.be/1wy-F5VuX6A

Valent History
Shaundi Jones 2007-2009
Brie Taylor 2009-present


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